Ascension Sciences participates in $3.3 million Canadian Cannabis Industry research project with Langara College

In collaboration with Langara College (Vancouver, BC), the Canadian Cannabis Industry (ASCCI) research project is being supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) with contributions of $2 million and $1.3 million respectively.

Ascension Sciences Receives CanExport Innovation Grant

The awarded grant, funded through the CanExport Innovation Program, provides direct financial assistance to pursue international opportunities that could lead to the establishment of new collaborative research and development (R&D) partnerships with key players in the EU and in particular Switzerland.

Ascension Sciences' Research Published in Nature

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce the publication of collaborative research with Food and Beverage Innovation Professor Anubhav Pratap-Singh and his group at the University of British Columbia in the Journal Scientific Reports published by Nature.

Ascension Sciences to Speak at Analytical Cannabis Webinar

 Dr. Natalia Sannikova, R&D Manager, and Tomas Skrinskas, Founder & CEO, will speak at an upcoming webinar in February presented by Analytical Cannabis. Register now.

Ascension Sciences Receives Import Permit from Health Canada

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce that it has been issued an Import Permit by Health Canada. The permit is effective immediately and will allow ASI to accept shipments of cannabinoids for nanoparticle research.

Ascension Sciences Unveils Licensed Research and Development Laboratory

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce the completion of a licensed R&D laboratory. With the headquarters based in Vancouver, Canada, the facility will support the research and development pipeline for the Company’s growing Contract Research (CRO) operations. 

Ascension Sciences and Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures Announce Partnership to Launch Advanced Analytical Testing Services

This partnership will bring nanoparticle characterization, formulation, spectroscopy, calorimetry, diffraction, and other advanced analytical services to the emerging Canadian and global cannabis industries.

Ascension Sciences Announces Creation of Advisory Board

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce the creation of an Advisory Board and welcome two Scientific Advisors, Dr. Tomaž Einfalt and Dr. Pierrot Harvie. The strategic insights from these industry experts will help ASI execute on both internal and client nanoparticle formulation therapies. 

Ascension Sciences Receives R&D License from Health Canada

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce that it has been issued a Research and Development (“R&D”) license under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations by Health Canada with a five-year term until August 17, 2025.

Ascension Sciences’ Collaborator Awarded Mitacs Internship through NMIN HQP Program

Ascension Sciences is pleased to announce that collaborator Dr. Farahnaz Fathordoobady has been awarded  a Nanomedicines Innovation Network (NMIN) and Mitacs internship while being accepted into the NMIN Highly Qualified Personnel program (HQP).

Success Story: Ascension Sciences Receives Subsidy to Support Future Talent

As part of the Student Work Placements Program, ASI is proud to be recognized as a VFC Employer and a supporter of the Government’s initiative to create over 10,000 paid student work placements in STEM.

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