Ascension Sciences Receives CanExport Innovation Grant

VANCOUVER, July 20, 2021 — Ascension Sciences Inc. (“Ascension Sciences”, “Ascension” or “ASI”), an independent laboratory focused on nanoparticle formulation development for cannabinoid therapeutics, is pleased to announce that it has received a CanExport Innovation Grant from the Government of Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service in collaboration with the National Research Council (NRC).

The awarded grant, funded through the CanExport Innovation Program, provides direct financial assistance to pursue international opportunities that could lead to the establishment of new collaborative research and development (R&D) partnerships with key players in the EU and in particular Switzerland.

The approved project, Mesoporous Powdered Carrier for Plant-Based Bioactives, targets the EU pharmaceutical manufacturing and research sectors for cannabinoid therapeutics where Ascension Sciences’ technologies could be incorporated into product development and clinical research.  Specifically, the funds will be used in ASI’s intellectual property strategy (IP) and application for IP protection in foreign markets which will form the basis of any future partnerships.

“Validation of our IP strategy from the Trade Commissioner Service is invaluable to creating a focus for Ascension Sciences. This program enables us to engage EU partners and is an extremely important step for our research and development. Following the completion of this project, we will have a stronger position at the negotiating table and increased enterprise value as we continue to grow our technology,” stated Tomas Skrinskas, CEO of Ascension Sciences.

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About Ascension Sciences

Employing nanoparticle formulation technology from the cutting edge of genetic medicine, Ascension Sciences Inc. (ASI) is developing cannabinoid nano delivery platforms and techniques for the pharma and nutraceutical industries. ASI’s R&D and formulation development services are an efficient option for research-driven firms that require the advantages of nanoparticle delivery for their active ingredients. 

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