Ascension Sciences’ Collaborator Awarded Mitacs Research Internship through NMIN HQP Program

VANCOUVER, August 14th, 2020 — Ascension Sciences Inc. (“Ascension Sciences” or “ASI”), a laboratory focused on nanoparticle formulation development for cannabinoid therapeutics, is pleased to announce that ASI’s project with research collaborator Dr. Farahnaz Fathordoobady has been awarded a Nanomedicines Innovation Network (NMIN) and Mitacs internship. This acknowledgement will power research and development through the connection of industry and academic institutions as Dr. Fathordoobady moves the research forward and participates in the NMIN Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) program. 

This project is led by Dr. Natalia Sannikova, Senior Formulation Scientist at ASI, and Dr. Farahnaz Fathordoobady, Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia. The research scope focuses on the development and characterization of nano-emulsion and liposomal platforms for transmucosal delivery of cannabinoids from hempseed oil. This novel therapeutic approach has the potential to enable a rapid-onset uniform-dosing method for cannabinoid intake. 

Dr. Farahnaz Fathordoobady, commented, “Many thanks to Mitacs and NMIN for facilitating this opportunity. I look forward to fostering knowledge exchange and professional skill development among fellow Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) in the field of nanomedicines.”

Tomas Skrinskas, Founder & CEO of Ascension Sciences, stated, “Ascension Sciences is excited to be partnering with Mitacs and NMIN in support of this collaborative project. The cultivation of the next generation of nanomedicine scientists through NMIN-supported opportunities such as this will not only further ASI’s research and development capacity, it will also support the growing nanomedicines industry in Canada.

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About NMIN

NMIN is a national research network dedicated to advancing research, innovation and training in nanomedicines to maintain Canada as the world leader in this revolutionary approach to treat and cure disease. Funded by the Government of Canada through the federal NCE program, the Network is hosted at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia.

NMIN’s program for HQP seeks to cultivate the next generation of nanomedicine scientists and entrepreneurs, and to train the skilled workforce required by the growing nanomedicines industry in Canada. For more information, please visit

About Mitacs

Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation in Canada by solving business challenges with research solutions from academic institutions. 

Mitacs is funded by the Government of Canada, the Government of Alberta, the Government of British Columbia, Research Manitoba, the Government of New Brunswick, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Government of Nova Scotia, the Government of Ontario, Innovation PEI, the Government of Quebec, the Government of Saskatchewan, the Government of Yukon, as well as by academic, industry, and not-for-profit partners.

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About ASI

Employing nanoparticle formulation technology from the cutting edge of genetic medicine, Ascension Sciences is developing cannabinoid nano delivery platforms and techniques for the pharma and nutraceutical industries. Liposomes, nanoemulsions, lipid nanoparticles and polymeric nanoparticles have all shown promise in improving the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids, but the full potential of these therapies has not yet been unlocked.

Our R&D and formulation development services are an efficient option for research driven firms that require the advantages of nanoparticle delivery for their active ingredients. We work with other passionate researchers in the industry that share a common goal of improving the human condition and bringing novel therapies to those who need them most.

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